Brief facts about CashGuard

CashGuard develops and sells world leading products and services for efficient, closed and secure cash handling.

CashGuard was founded in 1991 based on a Swedish invention for closed cash handling in stores" to CashGuard is based on a Swedish invention for closed cash handling in stores. The first system was installed in 1994.

CashGuard pays for itself in the savings it creates. CashGuard is a closed cash management and security system that integrates into existing Point of Sales terminals. Staff have no access to the till drawer and all transactions are calculated and administered by the system removing the risk of pilfering from the till and mistakes. Even the emptying of the till is carried out without exposing the cash and all operations, balances etc. are monitored and reported by the back office system either onsite or remotely. A further advantage of the system is that there is no need to organise till floats, count cash or reconcile the till at the end of a shift as this is all done by the CashGuard System. Today CashGuard is the market leader, with more than 16,000 systems in operation in Europe, Middle East and South Africa and over two million consumers using CashGuard systems every day. With the savings that it creates CashGuard will pay for itself in approximately 12 - 15 months and these savings will be seen on the bottom line.