The market

The cashless society is as remote as the paperless society.

Cash is increasing
One of the reasons why the CashGuard's solutions are in such demand is that large amounts of cash are used in society. Despite an increased use of cards, the amount of cash in circulation is still rising each year. Cash is used for about half of all purchases within the Swedish retail sector. Handling and transporting cash costs many billions of kronor each year for retailers, the post and bank sectors. CashGuard solutions make the handling of cash more secure and efficient and thus less costly.

There are also many other trends in society that indicate continued high demand for closed, fully automatic cash-handling and transport systems, such as:

  • Increased demands in the work environment by checkout personnel
  • Increased demands by store and security service drivers
  • Increased number of store robberies
  • Increased demands in the retail, post office and banking sectors

Our customers
Retail – CashGuard's secure cash handling system is used today in thousands of checkouts in Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Spain and many more. Our customers are active in supermarkets, specialist retailers (such as sports outlets) and convenience stores (such as pharmacies, gas stations and kiosks), as well as within post offices and banks. In Sweden and Norway our customers are active in all of these sectors. In newer markets, we have initially concentrated our marketing on supermarkets.