Why choose a CashGuard-system?

The CashGuard system offers a complete solution for efficient, secure and closed cash handling. The system resolves many of the problems involved in traditional cash handling.

Safeguards Money
The CashGuard system makes the cash inaccessible, minimising the risk for robbery and pilfering. CashGuard also provides systems with extended security using shield protection and ink dyeing technology, ideal for bank/postalservices and 24-hour stores. 

Improved Working Environment
The CashGuard system increases the security for the staff, provides the opportunity for easy switching of personnel in checkouts and eliminates problems associated with nickel allergy, since the cashiers do not have to handle coins.

Correct Change
Collects customer payments and dispenses the correct change based on criteria optimising the cash flow in the system. Cashier errors are eliminated.

Good customer service
The CashGuard system increases the flow of customers at the checkouts, thus improving customer service.

Lower cash handling costs
Stores using CashGuard systems save time and money, since less time is spent on cash accounting and control of the cash flow is improved. The CashGuard system pays for it self in the savings it creates.

Efficient recycling of notes and coins
All notes and coins in the CashGuard system are available for immediate use, thus making the system ideal for cash back and withdrawals from the customer’s bank account.

Automatic cash accounting
The CashGuard system automatically counts the cash – no time consuming balancing of accounts is required. Cashier errors and account discrepancies are eliminated.

High level of reliability
CashGuard’s proven technology for note and coin processing, regardless of quality, provides high uptime and low service costs.

Efficient Cash Management
Keeps track of cash in the store and creates warnings for high/low cash levels. Provides recommendations for cash orders based on the current cash situation.