CashBack - sell cash to consumers

An ATM st the checkout makes this even more efficient

CashBack is offered as an integral part of the CashGuard system. The CashBack function enables consumers to withdraw cash directly at checkouts, if they pay by a bankcard or a debit card. The withdrawal is registered as a normal debit-card purchase for the consumer, and the store immediately receives an equivalent sum of money in its account. In practice, the checkout functions as an ATM.

Advantages for the store

  • Reduces the cost of cash handling, because the amount of cash in the  store is reduced.
  • Reduces back-office work and CIT.
  • On-line payment, instead of a delay of several bank days.

Advantages for the consumer

  • Increased service, with an opportunity to withdraw cash at the checkout.
  • Increased safety and security, by withdrawing cash in a less exposed environment.